2018 Elections

It’s a new year and here at AANR, it is an election year. We vote every two years for our officers and 2018 is one of those years. We have seen voter apathy in past local, regional, and U.S. national elections over the years, and we need to buck that trend with this election. As a member of the board, I pushed for new ways to make it easier for AANR members to vote, and now I am asking you to make the effort to learn how you can make sure you are registered. During the next few months, we will feature articles in The Bulletin on the 2018 election process and making sure you know how to make your membership count by giving you a choice in how to vote.


Beyond just voting, you need to be informed. Reading this column and The Bulletin is one way of getting information, but there are other avenues we use to keep our members apprised of what is happening in AANR. For government affairs, we use it to let you know when issues come up that can impact you locally. As with most political actions, you need to be able to get that information and act on it quickly. The Bulletin is not the best method for those types of actions. Communicating by email is much more effective and better at getting information out. Another good way is to visit the AANR website at aanr.com and subscribe to the various notifications or blogs, or follow us on social media to get updates. 


When a city council decides to initiate a change on a nude-use area, groups usually don’t have a lot of lead time to respond to the proposed decision. Social media allows the word to get out quickly. Unless you are already signed up, you may miss out on an issue that will affect your personal choice for where you go nude. 


You have to register to vote and that holds true for AANR. Take the time to make sure you have your email address registered with your AANR membership on the website, and choose what kind of notices you want to receive from AANR. If you are a couple or family member, make sure each member has their own email registered. It is better for each of you to get separate notices than miss an important email. Also, when elections come around, the email address is synced with your AANR personal number, or P number from your card, so every member gets a vote. 


While you are at it, check out the website. The public relations team and the media folks in the office are making efforts to get information out to you on what is happening with nude recreation. Each region has a web presence for the local activities and many even have weekly updates they send out to those that register their email address with them. Register your email and stay informed!